By Joice Mbairatsunga

I was looking at some videos of Mnangagwa on YouTube (see links below). In one of the videos from the 1980s during Gukurahundi, Mnangagwa is shown arriving at some Zanu rally by helicopter and then seen handpicking a group of young Ndebele boys in chains who had been arrested and accused of trying to remove Mugabe. The way Mnangagwa picks through these young men in the video is so casual yet he was deciding which of them would be shot by firing squad or send to prison.

In another video, Mnangagwa brags about how, when Mugabe had conceded defeat in that election, he took it upon himself to reverse the result of the election. He then went on to send the military to kill and massacre people from the MDC.

There is another video in which he also takes pride in sending people to massacre MDC supporters in the streets, in their neighbourhoods and threatening them online in places like Facebook and Twitter. He calls this kurakasha.

So even though people are suffering in Zimbabwe because of the things his government are doing, he is not concerned about solutions, he is more concerned with bringing more misery in the form of violence. This is the behaviour of a thug, an ugly human being. The sooner we remove him the better for everyone.


Joice Mbairatsunga

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