The interesting fact about religion is that, through the plethora of gods, some invisible, some in the incarnation of animals and some with multiple limbs, there is a mutual devil and his minions of demons in which ever way the religious sects may want to paint it. Sadly, even the agnostic folk will see the true work of any of chosen god if any individual where to dig deep, find and point out any good works that Zanu- PF may have done for the country that is Zimbabwe. The cloud of poverty, hardship and almost palatable pain and suffering continues to loom and thicken over Zimbabwe while an illegitimate leader plays a blind god that stirs and adds misery debris to the blaze engulfing the country.
Worldwide, the news has been inundated with the sad and appalling sight of the malaise that has taken over the country. The beautiful sceneries that once graced the brochures of African tourism destinations as they invited tourist far and wide to visit Zimbabwe, have now been replaced by an eye sore and devastating spectacle of a country that has been thrown to the “hyenas” that are ready to chew each other’s ears and noses off while brutally and shamefully ripping a country apart. Exhibit A: Marry Chiwenga, wife of vice-president Constantino Chiwenga, spent her festive season within the walls of prison facing unimaginable horrors because she allegedly externalised cash, attempted murder on a man that was divorcing her, fodgery etc. A lot more allegations are going to be inevitably stewed up as her Christmas gift was more time in remand. One begins to wonder, why this feral man just didn’t go through the divorce in a civil manner instead of shame and blame the mother of his children for acts that he is most obviously the mastermind of. How is this version of the devil cunningly formulating the demise of a demon that he shared residence and bred with? It goes without saying that we all know who is in the front row seat of the express train to hell when comes.
The concluding half of 2019 saw a vast selection of events and incidents , fuelled by the Scarf Goblin’s junta government that led millions of Zimbabweans to rightfully exclaim, “ vakafa havana chavakaona.” Even the inventor of Zimbabwean pain, Robert Mugabe, did not depart the earth with this much blood soaking his hands. Speaking of Robert Mugabe, even in death he caused commotion! The grapevine, social media and news headlines were swamped with myths of his funeral and burial for weeks after his death. Even in the land of the dead, the tyrant was milking out money for the construction of a multi-million dollar mausoleum. The country is in hunger pains, the builders themselves who were under the direction to build this “masterpiece” barely had anything to eat themselves and their families but yet were expected to build a mansion for evil bones to live in. All of this hard work just for him to be buried in a concrete topped grave at his rural homestead, in case someone was to “temper with his remains”. The deplorable irony is that, this is the same feeling of despair we all feel for those who fought and died for the country’s independence, a country now in neglect.
The highly populated suburbs and townships of Zimbabwe, house more than half a million of people who sing the same tune as the rest of the country, that Mnangagwa has failed and continues to fail. They are in an imploding trap of crushing poverty and disease in areas where infrastructure is crumbling and basic necessities are a distant myth. Bread winners are plunged in a pit of unemployment as inflation is soaring at an all time high and thousands watch their families die at the hands of hunger and starvation. As darkness looms, neighbourhoods are thrown into the depths of literal darkness only to be pierced by fires, candles and generators for the small number of fortunate souls. Blackout hours stretch from a few hours into days and even weeks or months for the extremely unfortunate. With piped water equally scarce, families are snatched by typhoid and cholera and find no reprieve as hospitals care is absurdly expensive and most of these public health institutions are almost non-functional. With the only hospital reported to be fully functional being Karanda Mission Hospital in Mt Darwin, only because it is served and funded externally, there is no hope but to wait for the inevitable wave of death.
All the nation asks and cries for is to get rid of this regime of torture. The people who marched in the street in celebration of the coup that elevated Mnangagwa, now shake their heads as the thickness of realization cascades over and it dawns on them that they cheered for a new driver in an old taxi. The devil in a witch’s scarf, Mnangagwa and his fellow demons continue to propagate corruption and physical pain upon the citizens of Zimbabwe. Hundreds are reported to have perished as they exercise liberty of self expression as they go out in the streets to demonstrate when all efforts are abruptly shut down by he goblin’s forces that act as the Grim Reaper. Ruthlessness shows its bite, as cases of disappearances of activists escalate, and for those who make it out alive, their lives are changed forever.
As the saying goes, “life begins at 40 “; in 2020, Zimbabwe is crying out for a youthful pair of eyes that dream big and look ahead to secure a better future for its people as opposed to the current crop that cannot see past their noses deep in a feeding trough. Give us young people a chance to plot our own destiny not to have our future destroyed by power hungry Dambudzo Mnagagwa who is hell bent on outdoing Mugabe in all the wrong ways. Nelson Chamisa, exclaims and declares that he as a statesman, thinks about the next generation and aims to bring sanctity to the liberation struggle. As we step forth into 2020, change is on the horizon and the devil who wears a witch doctor’s scarf will never win!

Written by
Thokozile Usuwana
Provincial Youth Vice-Organising Secretary
MDC UK & Ireland

About the author: admin Chivanga
Web Developer @ GD Graphix

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