Zimbabwean youth, the time is now for us to rise up against Zanu PF. It is our future which is at stake here.  If we don’t do anything, these old men will leave us a cesspit of a country. Mnangagwa is 77 years old, he barely has one more decade on this planet. The Zanu leadership are in their late 60s early 70s – those old men do not have long either. But the damage they are doing to our country will last for generations. We simply cannot stand aside and watch our future being destroyed by these cruel men.

The youth need to rise up. If a revolution is to happen in Zimbabwe, it will be the youth leading the charge. This has always been the case in history. During the Rhodesian era, the current Zanu leadership were in their youth and they stood up against racist colonialism. They were fighting for their future. Today’s youth, we should be doing the same for it is our future which is at stake. No one will fight on our behalf, no one will serve us a functional democracy on a platter, we have to go out and get it.

The time for a revolution is now. But before we rise up against Zanu, we need to be organised and united. We need to use the tools at our disposal. We need to make use of technology. We need to collect intelligence. We need to identify the Zanu crooks who are ruining Zimbabwe and then do everything in our power to sabotage their corruption. We have to start small. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Forget the military for now,  let’s go after the ministerial crooks. We need to create a database of ministers’ business interests. We want to know where they bank their money, how much they earn per month, what businesses they own and where they are sending their children overseas for education. We need to campaign for western restrictions on these politicians because their corruption is facilitating human rights abuses in Zimbabwe. If we find out that Minister X is stealing public money to finance his supermarket businesses, we should demonstrate forthrightly against the minister where ever he goes. We need to make it uncomfortable for these people to carry on as per usual. We need to create inconveniences in their lives just like they have done to Zimbabweans in the last 39 years.


Alice Majola


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