Having been a victim of Zanu repression in Zimbabwe, and having observed politics in the country from a different angle than the one I used to view it from, I have come to the following conclusion:

  • Zanu pf are the cancer that has been killing Zimbabwe ever since they got into power.
  • Mnangagwa was at the centre of every major human rights abuses in the country since 1980.
  • Mnangagwa was at the centre of every major corruption including DRC, diamonds,  2008 election rigging, Command Agriculture.
  • He was involved in the sanctioning of politically motivated murders, tortures abductions, and election rigging, and the only coup in the country’s history.
  • He is a cruel man, a psychopath and a despot.
  • Zanu and Mnangagwa will never reform.
  • Elections are a pointless exercise because Zanu will always rig them.

So what is the way forward?

The MDC and the people of Zimbabwe need to fight fire with fire. Regime change is what is needed. And an armed struggle of some sort or an alliance between the public and the few good people in the army is required to remove the cancer that is Zanu pf.


Thomas Mapuranga



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