This is now a hot topic amongst progressive Zimbabweans. People are fed up with this satanic Zanu regime. In this article, I adumbrate arguments which are in favour of nationwide mass demonstrations.

  1. Things are never going to get better so long as this satanic leadership and its satanic hangers on who are infested across government departments are running things in the country. Change will only come after these people are removed from the political stratosphere, so the time to demonstrate is now.
  • It seems more and more people want to demonstrate. Few months ago people were sceptical about pounding the streets…I say sceptical but what I really mean is that they were scared.
  • It seems more and more people are angry.  It appears that having no electricity and no water has got onto the last nerve of the urbanised Zimbabwean public. Anger is an important ingredient when cooking up mass demos.
  • If it really was the First lady ranting and raving in that viral audio, then it means there are also people in the military who want to remove the scarf wearer. Perhaps these people are progressives. If they are progressives, maybe they will support the mass demos and use them to carry out a progressive coup which is what I’ve in the past argued that the country really needs. A progressive coup would install a transitional government that includes Chamisa and the MDC, pending a constitutional rewrite followed by a general election.
  • With the generari receiving multi-national MDT care involving SA, China and India, perhaps the Zimbabwean army is less hawkish at the moment and will probably be hesitant to shoot demonstrators or carry out subsequent crackdown in the ghettos.
  • Mass demos are often more effective and enduring when they are initiated by the general public and not by a political party. At the moment, the MDC and Chamisa are demonstrating inertia on the issue, and on much else. It is the general public who are really up for this and they are beginning to question Chamisa’s intestinal fortitude.

However, there are a few questions and other issues to consider.

  1. Out of the people who are angry and poking Chamisa with a stick for not ‘showing leadership’, how many of those are willing to go out into the streets and be counted? For demos to be effective, they’d have to be carried out nationwide, Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Kwekwe, Mutare, Masvingo, Chitungwiza, Mt Darwin and involving a total way into the millions.
  • Is the Zimbabwean army, police and intelligence less brutal than they were in January? So far, anyone who speaks about regime change or standing up to the government is being quickly nabbed by the police. Look what happened to Job Sikhala.
  • Most importantly, do the people who want to carry out the mass demos have a plan? What exactly would be the strategy here and the end game? And is there coordination? These are important questions.


Tererayi Rushwaya



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